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more art…watercolor and pen

this is in memory of my friend, Red, who’s mother died on Monday.


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Yesterday I went to the first party where I actually drank. It was at Rockstar’s. Then I went to her house again tonight to help her make her girlfriend’s valentines present. I really like her girlfriend, whom we will call Sparrow. When her and my sister first started hanging out (they used to be close friends) I didn’t like her, even though I never talked to her. But now that I’ve gotten to be around her, I really like her. I told Rockstar that what makes me like her the most is that she never talks when she has nothing to say. I hate it when people talk just to talk.

Since Rockstar and Quin had suck a bad break, I have a feeling that if she’s sees any pics from the party she’s not going to be very happy. She went to visit my mom this weekend. I haven’t seen her in person for nearly a month. I miss her but I don’t think she misses me. I think she’s really confused right now and I really wish I could help her.

My mom finally moved out her my grandparents house. She’s in rehab (again). I’m not sure what to think about it. I want to be supportive but every time I think she might have it together she disappoints. Now I’m just immune. I hope.

Filing taxes would suck if I didn’t get money back. I dread the day I might actually owe money.

I made a watercolor of a daffodil. I decided that one day I would like a daffodil tattoo. They remind me of being little and life being magical.

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Today I decided that I want to hike the Appalachain Trail. Then I decided I was crazy because what kind of person can spend three months with only one other person to talk to or be in contact with? (of course I would go with Kelley or someone). What the heck would I think or talk about while hiking for three months? I would have to bring some books on tape (mp3 really) or something so I wouldn’t go crazy. Or maybe I would be like Buddha who sat under a tree for forever and found enlightenment. Maybe I would become enlightened and discover the mysteries of the world, like what the point of existance is. Maybe I would finally figure out who I am and how exactly I want to live life. I could decide what in life I want to give up in order to pursure my dreams. After I figure out exactly what those dreams are.

Or I would just waste three months of life hiking so that I could say, “I hiked the entire Appalachain Trail,” and try to impress people.

Here are some pics from this crazy cold winter…

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So I’ve started doing some cartooning and stuff…and found some inspiration for my tattoo…but i will post that another time.

and this is an example of what I am working on now. With the others I used colored pencil, but with this I am going to try watercolors.

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On my myspace account I made a the soundtrack of my life. But I think that really it was more like the soundtrack of my day. These songs I am about to give are more so the soundtrack of my life, songs that hold some meaning for me.

Best of You-Foo Fighters: This is the day I left home on foot. The day I quit letting my mother get the best of me.

I Want to Break Free-Queen: This is a song KC introduced to me and that we shared.

Hands Clean-Alanis Morissette: KC also introduced me to Alanis. This song describes our love life to a T.

Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)-Billy Joel: My father used to sing this song to Quinn and I. I can’t even listen to it anymore cause it makes me cry.

Waterfalls-TLC: I remember the very day I heard this song when my mother introduced it to me. Those were the days of innoscence and forgiveness.

Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol: I never realized how much this song describes the lives of KC and I until my friend brought it to my attention.

This is all I can think of for now but I’m sure I’ll introduce some more later.

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It’s hard to decide what I liked more about the Barnes and Nobles. There was the fact that a Starbucks was connected to it. Not to mention how much I loved the smell of the place. That day I enjoyed how easy it was to just get lost among the book shelves. There is just something so peaceful about browsing books.

By now I had already picked up Kate’s book and Mom had wondered off to the mysteries section. The Kite Runner was easy to find since it had only been out for a few months, thus making its location the very entrance of the store. I began my way down the fantasy section, where I usually spent my most of my time. Then I wondered around for a bit, browsing random sections: cats, asian lore, magazines, religious fiction. I finally went on search for my mother to let her know I was going to go look around the plaza while she finished up.

Between my love for books and the length of time I had lived in Mesa, it surprised me when I came across Notes on The Table. It was a small music store, squeazed into a corner between Kohl’s and Verizon Wireless. The sign for the store was vertical, paralleling a large window that displayed over a dozen different concert posters.Under the window was a collection of cigarette butts.

I’m not sure what drove me to go into the store. I didn’t have any money on me to buy any music with. I guess if I ever believed in fate, I would say that what drove me in. As I made my way inside, the spring wind outside picked up and pratically pushed me inside.

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I need to throw up….why do people have to be so uptight? why can’t people just be loose and have a good time? why is everything so serious?

I decided to go see my friend Db while he was stocking at BiLo and I ended up staying for like an hour and a half. Bad idea. His manager came by and told him and the other boy working to clean up their mess and go home. It made me so upset because I knew it was my fault. Then I went and apologized to the manager, saying that I just wanted to tell Db something and didn’t mean to get them in trouble. He just said, “They got themselves in trouble.” I started crying when I left because I felt so bad.

I mean, on one hand I feel like I deserve it because they were at work, which isn’t a place for personal stuff. But at the same time, they were working the entire time I was there and they even helped a customer find something. I even stocked some.

I feel like I need to throw up. I can’t wait for Db to come home so I can ask him if I am the reason he got in trouble and how much trouble he’s in. I feel really bad for the other kid too.