So, in closure for the last post, me and KC worked it out. I went up to work that day and explained to him how I was feeling and he said it was silly that I should think he does not love me anymore or would ever want to leave me. Now, things feel even stronger between us.

Today was a wonderful day. I ran about twenty million errands this morning, making it an accomplished day already. Then, me and Yellow went to North Point Mall and made it there and back without ever getting lost. I finished the day off with three new shirts, a ring, a pair of well-needed shorts for Kelley, and a new Victoria’s Secret bra that fits amazingly. Finally, I helped KC and his buddies at work stock three isles at BiLo.

I have been talking to Mom and things are weird. I want to visit her and give her one more chance but I do not want to have to stay with my grandparents. I guess I will wait for Mom to get her own place before I come up. I started taking her phone calls and listening to her problems. I imagine that living with the grandparents doesn’t give her much of a chance to let out her feelings to anybody. I hope that listening to her will help her out. I guess I should try listening more sincerely.

The family had a Christmas drawing and I got Kyta. She likes Japanese stuff but she wants something that she can use. Any suggestions?